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What Is CMMI and Why Is It Necessary for Software Development Companies?

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

The quality of software products depends on how they are developed. Whether software organizations are trying to bolster a competitive advantage or merely satisfy their internal requirements, their software processes are crucial to their success.

Well-planned improvements in the process can significantly contribute to a software company's performance. This is where CMMI comes in.

What Is CMMI?

CMMI is short for Capability Maturity Model Integration and is the name given to a behavioral model and process that allows organizations to streamline process improvements. This is done by encouraging efficient and productive behaviors that snowball into reducing risks in software development and other services.

CMMI was the brainchild of Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering Institute and was used to improve processes for departments, projects and organizations. The U.S. government and the Department of Defense helped develop CMMI, and the CMMI model starts by evaluating three specific areas:

1.Service and process development

2.Establishment and management of services

3.Service and product acquisition

The Importance of CMMI For Businesses

In 2018, over 5000 organizations in 70 countries used CMMI models, including China, Russia, Chile, Egypt, Turkey, Australia, Germany and the US. According to the CMMI Institute, adopting this model will impact four main areas of business:

1. Consistency

The CMMI model enables organizations to dramatically improve their projects' consistency and predictability via a proven approach.

2. Self Improvement

Companies can use CMMI to differentiate themselves in the local market. Also, achieving different CMMI levels allows them to improve processes and become more productive.

3.Cost Saving

CMMI-driven improvement helps produce cost savings due to efficient error detection, reducing the overall costs of remediation.

4.Market Demand

Competing software companies use CMMI to reap benefits and effectively meet customer demands.

CMMI Maturity Is Expensive to Maintain

CMMi certifications are achieved through a tremendous amount of dedication and resources. The CMMI model divides every organization's maturity into five levels, which include:


Here, an organization's practices are deemed reactive and unpredictable. At this stage, work is often over budget and delayed.


Some project management is implemented at this level, and organizational processes are performed with strategic planning. Additionally, each process is controlled and measured.


At this level, companies can be described as proactive instead of reactive since they begin to understand and address their shortcomings.

4.Quantitatively Managed

This stage of the process involves companies being more controlled and measured. These companies use more quantitative methods to align with their stakeholders' objectives.


Here, organizations are more flexible and stable. They're in the process of continuous improvement while responding to opportunities and changes at the same time. At this stage, organizations experience innovation and agility.

It Is Crucial to Maintain a CMMI Certification

Once a company has acquired a CMMI certification, it must maintain it. The cost of not supporting this certification is very high since it takes a lot of time and resources to achieve in the first place.

The negative impact of not maintaining a certification includes customers losing confidence in the company, employees losing morale, and a major impact on the company's credibility and reputation.

We Have the Perfect Solution For You

GPNN offers companies the chance to maintain their CMMI certification with the help of professional consultation, interventions and plans of action. We also partner with quality assurance teams to aid surveillance or handle the job ourselves.

GPNN is currently working with numerous well-known corporations like Hewlett-Packard Oracle and is available to help mid to small-sized companies in their efforts to achieve or maintain higher levels of CMMI/ISO 9000 certifications.

Visit our website to learn more about our services or read more of our literature.

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